Saturday, March 31, 2012

Boudoir Before and After

So, while at a photography consortium in Tucson in November, one of my roommates (Tammy, also a bff) wanted to do a little boudoir practice session. Not for serious, but just for some fun practice. Our other roommate, Shastyn (another bff) volunteered to be our impromptu model. Since it was just us and not for serious, we didn't bother with make-up or even brushing her hair. Shastyn literally rolled out of bed and away we went. 

As you can see from the before image, there are some issues. There's a door frame coming from Shastyn's head (I see objects protruding from people's heads a lot; please try not to do this, people). The room was extremely dark and we didn't have reflectors with us. Tammy was actually holding a lamp toward Shastyn's face, hence the little blue catch lights in the eyes. I was shooting at ISO 1600 (my Nikon D700 is pretty spanky at high ISO's). 

So, yesterday i was rummaging through old images and came across this one. Despite the issues in the photo, i loved the pose and Shastyn's lovely face, so i decided to turn it into a more artsy piece. 


Friday, March 30, 2012

Mitch and Shalem from Alaska!

So, i'm going to completely embarrass myself and confess that when Mitch called and said he and Shalem would be in town and wanted me to do their portraits, i went into crazy-star-struck-wacko mode. Seriously, even when i sat in Dave Matthews' car in 2001 and chatted with him, i was nowhere near as nervous as i was when Mitch wanted to book a session. He and Shalem are both phenomenal photographers. I mean, over-the-top amazing. Ansel Adams may as well have called up to book a session--i was that "b'dee b'dee b'dee." It was seriously an honor, and i had been wanting to meet these two forever. They're fun and outgoing, smart, classy with just the right amount of zany. Loved them instantly!

OMG, The Cute!!!!

Hehehehe; Mitch's silly side is the best!

Come visit again, guys! I'll try not to be such a dork next time! x)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fun Engagement Session in Tempe, AZ

I adore couples who are fun and playful and enjoy each other's shenanigans thoroughly. These two have been together a loooong time and are finally getting hitched this year! They were so fun to photograph and kept me laughing the entire shoot. Our best wishes for a long and laughter-filled life together, Brit and Dalton!