Friday, March 30, 2012

Mitch and Shalem from Alaska!

So, i'm going to completely embarrass myself and confess that when Mitch called and said he and Shalem would be in town and wanted me to do their portraits, i went into crazy-star-struck-wacko mode. Seriously, even when i sat in Dave Matthews' car in 2001 and chatted with him, i was nowhere near as nervous as i was when Mitch wanted to book a session. He and Shalem are both phenomenal photographers. I mean, over-the-top amazing. Ansel Adams may as well have called up to book a session--i was that "b'dee b'dee b'dee." It was seriously an honor, and i had been wanting to meet these two forever. They're fun and outgoing, smart, classy with just the right amount of zany. Loved them instantly!

OMG, The Cute!!!!

Hehehehe; Mitch's silly side is the best!

Come visit again, guys! I'll try not to be such a dork next time! x)

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  1. Oh, I love that last one! Such a charming couple!