Monday, April 16, 2012

Lindsey in the Studio

Coolest tat ever. Sweet, smart, sexy, fun, adventurous, talented. It was too fun having Lindsey in the studio! Shortly after our shoot, she went diving for shark teeth in Florida. Need i say more?

Friday, April 6, 2012

new art print - cactus flower

As i've mentioned in the past, i'm not the hugest fan of Arizona and the brown desert. A real treat for me every spring, though, is the blooming of the cacti. I love cactus flowers. They redeem the barrenness of the desert. In honor of them, i've made a new art print.

Order by April 30th and get 20% off!

This print comes in 3 sizes, with a 4" digital mat, luster coated and mounted on styrene. Pricing is for the lower 48 states; email me for international shipping rates. Email me to order and pay via PayPal.

10x10: $100 ($80 if ordered by April 30, 2012)
20x20: $200 ($160 if ordered by April 30, 2012)
30x30: $285 ($229 if ordered by April 30, 2012)