Friday, July 27, 2012

Malory in-Studio (Vampire Portraits)

once again i had the divine pleasure of photographing Malory, this time in the studio. we did some freaky stuff that i'll be posting next week, but for now, enjoy her haunting vampire beauty.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Product Review: Urban Decay's Revamped Goodies!

Kayso, it's been a while since i've done a product review, since nothing's really really moved me enough to take the time to rave about it here on my blog. However, the past week has gushed forth a plethora (A PLETHORA, I TELL YOU!) of new goodies that have me absolutely squeeing with joy. And so, here they are:

Urban Decay's reformulated eye shadows. All i can say about them is HOLY SHIT! They're highly pigmented, even more than before (even more than MAC, imho), and freaking VELVETY smooth. Seriously, it's like powdered velvet putting it on, and it's SO BLENDABLE! I have the Black Palette (all dark colors) and Polyester Bride (pearly white) and am so in love that little hearts are literally floating over my head. O. M. G. (photo from UD's website)

Next is Urban Decay's new liquid foundation, Naked Skin. It's not actually out yet (release date is 7/24), but i had the divine pleasure of trying a sample and it was another HOLY SHIT moment. My skin looks 15 years younger in this foundation, dewy and bright. The coverage is amazing, especially for such a light-weight fluid. O. M. G. again! 

Again with the Urban Decay! If you like liquid eyeliner (i use it for my batwings), UD's new waterproof liquid liner really holds up and performs. The only downside for me is the brush. I like a tapered brush that starts a little thick and narrows out at the tip. This one is thin all the way through, making it harder for me to be more precise. I may be bass-ackwards, though. 

Finally, Benefit has come out with a ridiculously fabulous mascara called They're Real! This product delivers length, volume, curl and staying-power all in one. It's the best mascara i've ever used, hands down. And it doesn't clump! 

So, for anyone coming in for a session who wants to do their own make-up, i can, with loads of glee and enthusiasm, recommend all the above products. 

Happy shopping!

Have you tried any killer new products? Leave your great finds in the comment section below!