Friday, January 4, 2013

New Pricing Structure for 2013

The digital revolution has brought much change to the photography industry. Some of it i embraced with open arms, some with one arm flopping behind me, and some with disdain. While i do miss the look and feel of film, i don't miss the cost of professional-quality film and developing, and i do love artistically creating images in Photoshop. Photo Digitalia (i may've made up that word ::wink::) has taken photography to amazing new heights. Unfortunately, with an influx of new photographers, the value of good photography has greatly decreased for the average person and business. 

Pricing has become a major issue for many photographers trying to survive and thrive on this crazy roller coaster ride. By working with set, not-extremely-flexible pricing, i've run into a few issues in the past four years. In order to remedy those issues, i've come up with a pricing structure that will allow our beloved customers to afford what they need and not feel compelled to purchase more than they want, while allowing us to make enough to cover our many expenses and not spend valuable time working on images that won't be purchased. (For an in-depth look at the cost of an image, see * at the bottom of the page.)

The following pricing refers to portrait photography and commercial photography involving people (headshots, clothing on human model, hair, etc.).

Start here:

Portrait and Commercial (involving human subjects; see event and product pricing below this section)

1. Location: Travel to a location within 25 miles of Tempe - $25
    If you travel to my home studio, there is no travel fee.

2. Equipment set-up and usage - $25
    Includes: studio lights/stands, backdrops/stands at YOUR location.
    No equpment charge if used at my home studio.

3. Shooting time - $50/30 minutes; $75/hour
    Includes shoot time (if i travel to your location, billing starts at the time the shoot was scheduled to start; be sure everyone's ready on time!); saving images to hard drive; culling; creating contact sheet.

(Example: if i travel to a park in Phoenix and bring a studio light to use in order to get a nice blue sky for your portrait and we spend 30 minutes shooting, your total due for the session will be $100 ($75 less then our previous sitting fee). Images are extra. If you come to my home studio and we spend an hour shooting in my yard with only natural light, your sitting fee is $75; images are extra.)

Within 72 hours after your session, i will email you a CONTACT SHEET in PDF format (or you can schedule a time to come to my home studio to preview your images). From the contact sheet, you will choose images and purchase them. I will edit only your purchased images. Image pricing includes a high-resolution file for printing, and a low resolution file for online use. Low res files will be stamped with my logo; please don't crop it out when posting images online; this is to deter image theft and to give proper photo credits. High res files will not be stamped with my logo. Image file pricing is as follows:

No. of Image Files  Price (in addition to hourly shooting fee above)**

1                            $50          (Boudoir or full-body edit+ - image file $75)
3                            150          (Boudoir or full-body edit - $225)
5                            200          (Boudoir or full-body edit - $325)
10                          375          (Boudoir or full-body edit - $525)
12                          400          (Boudoir or full-body edit - $575)
15                          450          (Boudoir or full-body edit - $650)
20                          500          (Boudoir or full-body edit - $775)
25                          550          (Boudoir or full-body edit - $850)
30                          600          (Boudoir or full-body edit - $975)

Additional images over 30 are $25 ea.
**For commercial photography with more than one human subject per image, please add $10 per image file.
For boudoir photography, please add $25 per image file
+ Full-body edits include full-body skin clean-up and smoothing, tummy tucks, body contouring, light hair removal (additional fee for intensive hair removal), other body enhancements

After choosing and purchasing your images, i will edit them and upload them to Dropbox where they will be available for 3 days for download (be sure to download them within 3 days, because i will be deleting them to make room for others. There is a $25 re-upload fee if you need to have them uploaded again). Editing/uploading will be complete within 3 weeks.

Because of the nature of custom photography and digital media, all sales are final.

Ordering Prints
Yes, i will still offer high-quality prints and products for those who still prefer finer art pieces. A price list will be provided before your session if you request one.) Prints start at $40 for an 8x10. All prints 8x10 and larger come mounted on sturdy mountboard to protect and extend the life of your images.

Headshot Samples (Corporate/Portfolio/Creative)

Commercial (Product)


Event Photography

1 hour  -  $250
2 hours - $400
ea. additional hour over 2 hrs - $120

Includes: travel within Phoenix Valley, shooting, culling images, light editing, saving in both high and low res, image transfer to Dropbox (approx. 150-200 images/hr). Low res files with be logo stamped.

* Costs to consider in a photography business: camera body/bodies ($6,000 in my case), lenses (several thousand more), studio equipment (thousands again), professional dues, computer, software upgrades (yearly), camera cleaning and maintenance, camera REPLACEMENT (they don't last forever!), hourly rate (for travel time, shooting time, uploading images, culling, editing, saving, archiving images, ordering prints/products), insurance premiums, phone, electricity, file storage, and continuing education.