Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"Enough With the 'Selfies'"

Twice recently (by two different people) i've been passive aggressively called out for the number of "selfies" i post.

I laugh.

And then i feel sorry for them.

Listen, people. One day you're going to be 80 years old (or however old you get to be) and you're going to think back to the days when you could run, jump, dance like a lunatic, had far fewer wrinkles, fewer aches and pains, and more adventures. Your grandkids are going to see you as a white-haired, wrinkly, age-spotted, loose-skinned old wo/man and not even realize that you were once young. When they in fact make that discovery, they're going to want to see pictures...lots of pictures! You as a baby, you as a kid with scuffed knees, you with your first love, with your first car, your pets. And you're going to want to look back at all those photos, too. Photos help us remember. Photos help identify us. For me, photos are a way of storing feelings and time. They're a way of recording my interpretation of my life in all it's various ups and downs. 

So, for those negative nancies who think i post "too many selfies," here's what i think of that:

and furthermore:

and if i wasn't clear, let me reiterate:

while also being sure that you understand:

So, yeah. 

Now go take some f!#%ing pictures! You can thank me in 30 years.


  1. I like your selfies. And it shows your artistic talent.

  2. All your photos are awesome! :) I really love the album cover. That's one of the dreams I would like to see come true before I die.

  3. When you have the loveliest model anyone could ask for living in the same skin as the photographer, it would be a Mortal Sin not to take many pictures of her.