Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Creative Break - Snow Queen in Summer

Outdoor portrait sessions being as popular as they are nowadays, it's not hard to imagine that those sorts of sessions get slow in summer here in Arizona when the temperature hovers around 110 degrees. I have no beef with that, mind you--Photoshopping sweat from humans does not generally turn out well, nor does photographing people as they pass out from the heat. 

So, i decided to take advantage of these less active days and gather up a model, a hair chick and an MUA (makeup artist) and do what started out to be a Snow Queen session (or Snow Fairy...we were winging it, but then i decided to not wing it--literally, i didn't feel like wings fit the mood when i was editing the images, so i left them out. But don't hold me to that; i may add some in later. You just never know with me). It turned out to be a fantastically fun day!

Here are some behind-the-scenes snaps from my iPhone of my hair and makeup team getting our model, Abby, ready for the shoot:

and us, after the shoot:

from left to right: Rachel Dixon (hair), Abby and Taleaha Slaughter (MUA)

Rachel Dixon (hair), Taleaha Slaughter (MUA), Abby and meself
[ Thanks Wooz, aka Dale Townsend, for taking these team images for us! ]

and this is where we ended up (although like i said, we may sprout wings before i'm finished editing this set ;) Something i found myself doing during this edit that hasn't happened in the pass is obsessing over multiple edits of one shot. so, i just kept them all. ha!

To contact Taleaha's MUA, please visit her Facebook page.
To contact Rachel Dixon, email me and i just *might* let you borrow her! ;)